Who We Are?

The Story Arabesque

Who We Are?

The Story Arabesque

Let the beauty of what you love to be what you do.

Jalal ad-Din Rumi Persian poet and philosopher, 1207-1273

 These very words could have been created to describe Ali Banaei. For five men have the passion with which Ali embraces these woven works of Persian art

Ali has always lived and breathed the carpet business As a boy, he assisted his uncle’s customers in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran as rugs were scrutinized, admired, bought and sold.

in later years he would seek out the original village artisans even travel with the legendary Qashgai, the nomadic weavers of Iran contacts that he made long ago that remain to this day, For Ali still scours the Iranian countryside, sourcing the exceptional and exquisite, the 16th century Kermanis and the 18th century Motashems, the intricate and vibrant tapestries of antiquity that have helped define his extensive present-day collection

Funded by All in 1978 Arabesque is now reputed to be one of Toronto’s most respected carpet purveyors product of his more than 3 decades of dedication

Why would you consider Arabesque?

 Ali Banaei is a specialist among salesmen.

His extensive passion, knowledge, and expertise ensure the sale of the genuine article.

 Ali is the sole purchaser.

He is the one that returns each year to source and purchase the exceptional pieces you’ll find displayed in the gallery.

This spares our customers the expense of the middleman.

Ask us for references.

Our customers are pleased to speak on our behalf

There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty

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